What is ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is a controlled non-invasive procedure that utilizes a temperature controlled radio frequency (RF) hand piece which gently heats the skin’s surface. This dermal heating causes a reaction underneath the skin called “collagenesis.” This is a gradual process of producing and strengthening the collagen in the skin; which, over time, results in smoothing and tightening. ThermiSmooth has shown to be effective in treating wrinkled, sagging skin around the eyes and mouth.


ThermiSmooth’s has a built in temperature control which allows our medical aesthetic providers to precisely regulate the amount of energy delivered to the skin. With this accuracy, we can customize the perfect treatment for you, and achieve the most effective results safely.


What To Expect During My Treatment?

The magic of the ThermiSmooth is it’s ability to deliver controlled heat to the under layers of the skin which proceeds enough head to cause neocollagenisis. Neocollagenisis is the process of making new collagen. We stop making it in our 30’s and the, to add insult to injury. Our collagen starts to go away leaving our skin saggy.


Almost all patients return to their normal day with no evidence! In some rare cases, minor swelling and redness may occur.

This is a very comfortable procedure, that some will compare to the feel of a hot stone massage.


Most patients notice a tightening of the skin after the first treatment. Collagen production and in the skin, called collagenesis, is a gradual process. Patience is key, as the smoothing and tightening changes take time. Most patients will see full results after a series of three treatments is completed, at around 3-6 months. Single maintenance treatments are recommended annually.