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There are few things more important to promoting overall health than nutrition. By following the motto, “let food be thy medicine,” we have been successful at properly guiding our patients to the healthiest possible lifestyle. With so much information available in today’s world, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how best to nourish your body. AVA Wellness MD is here to help.

In addition to counseling you on proper dietary habits, we also give you all the tools you’ll need to make healthy decisions. In a short period of time, you will be eating to live, not living to eat.

Our dedicated Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Jacquelyn Hollenkamp, will guide you through the entire process. Her experience and dedication will inspire you to make the giant leap towards healthy living!


Nutrition Services Provided:

  • Guided “AVA Reset” Nutrition and Weight Management Program
  • Customized Nutritional Supplement Protocols
  • Complementary Weight Management Consults
  • Nutrition Classes and Support Groups
  • One on One Nutrition and Weight Management Coaching


The AVA Reset Program is a whole-person focused wellness program that will reset your body naturally and increase your vitality—physically, mentally and emotionally. Are you feeling fatigued, foggy or not quite yourself? This is the perfect program for you. The AVA Reset Program is also great for people looking to lose weight and increase their knowledge of nutrition. Because we believe “food is medicine,” there is an extensive focus on food and proper eating habits.

The program also explores other areas of life that directly impact our health: physical activity, quality of rest, stress levels, spirituality, personal relationships, and careers.


The AVA Reset 28 Day Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Initial Consult with Dr. Terry Blay and Jacquelyn
  • Weekly Check-Ins which include an updated SECA Body Composition Scan, Vital Sign Check and Progress Review
  • Signature AVA Reset Guidebook, (available exclusively through AVA Wellness)
  • 30 Day Supply of Nutritional Supplements
  • Weekly Guidance and Education Sessions

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Through lifestyle modifications, natural solutions and modern medicine, our staff will partner with you to create a customized treatment plan that fosters healing and true wellness.

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