What is IV Infusion Therapy?

(IV) Infusion Therapy is a medical treatment that provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body. Normally injected through a vein in the arm, the contents of the IV are delivered straight into the bloodstream. Because of this, IV Therapy is far more efficient than orally ingesting supplements or vitamins, and larger doses may be administered without adverse affects. In fact, studies have shown that the body is only able to metabolize 15% of orally ingested supplements and vitamins. The other 85% is turned into waste.


Is IV Therapy Safe?

Yes! Although there is always going to be a risk when injecting substances into the body, the majority of patients only experience a little soreness and, in rarer cases, some bruising. At AVA Wellness, our IV Therapy solutions use vitamins, electrolytes and minerals that occur naturally. This means we will never use anything that the body wouldn’t normally produce on its own.

Antioxidant IV Therapy

Every day, whether it’s intentional or not, we fill our bodies with toxins. Between the air we breathe, the food & beverages we consume, the personal beauty care products we use or day-to-day stresses we encounter, our bodies’ inner balance is constantly being challenged.

Of the many causes of toxins in our lives, “free radicals” can have a very negative effect on the body. Free radicals damage the healthy cells in our body and they have been shown to cause diseases, aging and many disorders. It is imperative to keep these free radicals under control with toxin-defusing antioxidants. Thankfully, our physician prescribed IV treatment (which includes powerful antioxidants) can reverse the damaging effects of free radicals.

Skin Rejuvenation

All throughout history, men and women have gone to great lengths to achieve soft, beautiful skin. We cover our bodies with clothing, hats and gloves to protect us from the sun. We lay out in the sun or inside a tanning bed to darken it. We even use creams, pills and dangerous chemicals to lighten our skin tone. With IV Therapy, you no longer have to worry about these tiresome (and sometimes dangerous) methods.


What are the Benefits of IV Therapy and What Does it Treat?

The benefits of IV Therapy are wide-ranging. With IV Therapy, nutrients, hydration and medication can be quickly circulated through the bloodstream and safely delivered to cells. As a result, the benefits of IV Therapy are almost instantaneous. Because IV Therapy bypasses the stomach and intestines, the body will absorb 100% of the injectable. Furthermore, nausea, cramps, GERD and diarrhea are not an issue with IV Therapy.

There is a vast amount of research showing that specific blood or tissue concentrations of various nutrients must be achieved in order for the body to operate properly. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the body to attain such high nutrient levels purely through oral ingestion—the majority of vitamins or minerals swallowed in liquid or pill form is turned into waste. Furthermore, many patients are unable to tolerate such high doses of vitamins and minerals because it causes unpleasant side effects. As such, IV Therapy is the only method of delivering highly effective doses to the body without causing the patient to feel sick or unpleasant.

In addition to removing toxins from your body and helping rejuvenate your skin, IV Therapy treats a large number of health issues. The benefits include:

  • Hydration

  • Fights Infections

  • PMS Relief

  • Hangover Detox

  • Mood Improvement

  • Vitamin, Mineral and Nutrient Replenishment

  • Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disorders

  • Boosts Energy

  • Immune System Boost

  • Lowers High Blood Pressure

  • Can Prevent Fungal Infections

  • Cell Detoxification

  • Migraine Relief

Who Prescribes My IV Therapy?

As a practicing physician for over 30 years (10 of which as chief of the ER at Kaiser San Jose), Dr. Terry Blay has successfully prescribed thousands of IV drips to his patients. At AVA Wellness, you get the benefits of IV therapy by an experienced physician along with our comfort of our state-of-the-art office located in San Jose.