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"STRETCH MARKS BE GONE! For all you ladies who are mortified by the look of stretch marks, please know that micro needling IS THE treatment for you. I have just gone in for my third treatment (on my stomach after a drastic weight loss) and my stretch marks are virtually gone. I can hardly feel the indentation marks anymore and the marks have faded to a very light, unnoticeable scarring...Deb is the best and talks you thru the entire procedure and gives you honest expectations...My self esteem has never been better  Thanks Deb and Ava Rejuvenation!"

Laura A.

Maddy H.

"Just got done with a lip filler, I’m very impressed with how the staff explained everything to me since it was my first time. They made me feel comfortable with what was about to happen and I can’t explain enough how friendly everyone is there. The receptionist was very professional and had a great welcoming smile, not to mention how clean it was inside! I already know I’ll be going back, I’m so happy with the way my lips turned out."