AVA Wellness MD offers a full range of integrated health and rejuvenation services to help you feel and look your best!

Welcome to the AVA Wellness MD Team!

Our Mission at AVA Wellness MD is to cultivate an impactful, trusting and long lasting relationship with our patients. We believe in the “whole person” approach to medical care, which combines both conventional and integrative medicine.

Dr. Terry Blay is the medical director and specializes in internal and integrative medicine. With over 30 years of emergency and internal medicine, Dr. Blay brings a unique approach to preventing disease. By considering every possible aspect of his patient’s health, Dr. Blay is extremely effective in the art and science of healing.

Dr. Amir Hadid is a urogynecologist with over 30 years clinical experience. He oversees the services at AVA Wellness related to women’s pelvic health, hormone therapy, and vaginal and skin rejuvenation, using minimally invasive therapies such as ThermiVa and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. He is a passionate advocate for women’s overall health.

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Dr. Hadid and Dr. Blay

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AVA Wellness has a gorgeous, brand new office space and a staff that really cares. I love their approach to total body wellness, including their offering of wellness programs above and beyond rejuvenation services. I wish more places offered programs that were truly customized to personal needs and goals like Ava Wellness!! Highly recommend Ava to anyone looking to treat themselves or upgrade their life in any wellness-related area!

-Katie H.

I can’t recommend AVA’s Reset Program, Dr Blay and their nutritionist Jackie enough!  The plan is clear and provides tons of great tasting healthy food options.  Jackie is super supportive while holding me accountable.  She is always reaching out with tips and more recipe ideas. One of the things I love about the plan is the body scans that are done.  I’ve learned so much about my body composition that the number on the scale doesn’t show.  The best part is seeking weeks where the weight I’ve lost is pure fat, not water or muscle….

-Melaine V.

I have been going to WL Wellness and saw a flyer for the RESET program at AVA Wellness,which is the officejust right next door to it. This year I wanted to overhaul my body to combat inflammation.  I started doing acupuncture and moxibustion to boost up my immune system and increase my energy level and it’s been working great. I felt the RESET program would be a great complementary to what I’m already doing so I signed up for it. I had my first appointment with Jackie today and she was fantastic! Jackie started me with a body composition test where I stepped on a machine to weigh-in and scan my whole body. The results were detailed and comprehensive. I received a print out that gave me information on my bodyfat compositionthat was much more accurate than the one I got at the gym. What was so helpful was the reading of my total body water which tells me if I am drinking enough water and staying hydrated, which I’m not.  It also measures fluid retention intracellularly versus extracellularly and my results supported that I probably do have inflamation.

-Niangniang N.

Dr Blay is amazing!  He took me in last minute and was so wonderful and seemed to be very caring .Him and his staff make you feel so comfortable and are super friendly and take there time getting to know you… I’ve only had one Iv treatment and feel super hydrated.. and alive again… I went in feeling miserable and so down in the dumps and after one treatment feel a lot better . Can’t wait for my next treatment.. This is my very first Yelp review but could not resist and keep how wonderful they are in!! Will refer everyone to them !! My skin also feels a lot better after just one treatment! Thank you Dr Blay and the young lady at the very front was so sweet and amazingly nice too!

-Malinda A.

As someone who found their soul mate on the 2nd round and being a mom of 2, the idea of having Thermiva rejuvenation was something I was considering. Knowing that this is a very personal treatment, I wanted to be assured that I would be treated with the utmost respect and care. My experience at Ava Wellness went above and beyond my expectations. The center is spotless and clean. The front desk staff was courteous and extremely professional. I had to reschedule my appt due to work and they consulted with Dr. Hadid to work with me to reschedule. Dr. Hadid performed my treatment (which was 3 appts.). As a Gyn, board certified Dr., he was very patient and professional. I wasn’t just another “face in the crowd”. This treatment is very intimate and personal, he was very respectful and answered all my questions and walked my through, step by step the process of the procedure. I especially appreciated being draped by the nurse to ensure that my dignity was preserved. My procedure has had amazing results and I am very pleased (and my husband is as well!!! 🙂



Words cannot express how much I LOVE Ava Wellness!  Dr. Blay and his staff are absolutely wonderful! From the minute I walked into their office I felt at ease. Brenda is off the charts amazing! She truly listened to what my concerns were about my skin and how I could improve the areas that needed assistance. She along with Dr. Blay spent so much time with me and explained the various options pertaining to what I needed to have done.
I am not a stranger to botox but fillers are something that I have just started to use.  I did not realize there were so many factors to consider and both Dr. Blay and Brenda helped me select the right product, etc.  Their office had other patients but I literally felt like I was their only patient. I was not rushed at all and they both had an excellent bed side manner. You can clearly see and feel that they not only love what they do but they are excellent at it too.